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Ikono icon
Ikono is an icon font with about 2.000 symbols, up to 9 weights, both Line and Fill version for many of them.
To work properly, this plugin needs the Ikono font to be installed.


  • download the Ikono font;
  • install the Ikono font on your computer;
  • quit and restart XD;
  • select an Artboard or an object inside of it;
  • choose font family, font style and font size;
  • check the ‘Convert to Path’ option if you want to use vector paths instead of font;
  • select an icon from the list and click ‘Insert’;
  • the icon will be placed at the center of the focused Artboard and its layer will be named as ‘name - Unicode’.
Ikono plugin for Adobe XD 1 Ikono plugin for Adobe XD 2