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This plugin creates calendar months with real data. It also supports different languages.
Calendar has been selected by Adobe as an example of data-driven plugin. Read more about designing with real content and data on the Adobe Blog.


  • select an Artboard or an object inside of it;
  • select a language: it affects both month's and weekdays' names;
  • set cell size to customize all day number cells;
  • navigate through real months;
  • choose if the week starts on Monday or Sunday;
  • choose if weekdays are displayed as initials or as trimmed names;
  • the calendar is placed at the center of the Artboard;
  • all the elements are inside a single group: enter this group to customize the design;
  • month, weekdays and day numbers come in 3 different font sizes and their cell backgrounds have 3 different colors. You can use the Selection plugin to easily select them and create character styles and colors accordingly.
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