Ikono plugin icon
Ikono is an icon font with about 2.000 symbols, up to 9 weights, both line and fill version for many of them. Actually, the plugin uses just a subset of the entire icon collection.
Ikono plugin for Adobe XD
App Icon Generator plugin icon
App Icon Generator exports all app icon renditions according to iOS, Android, UWP and XD requirements.
App Icon Generator plugin for Adobe XD
Calendar plugin icon
Calendar builds a real calendar month. It also supports different languages.
Calendar plugin for Adobe XD
Frame Maker plugin icon
Frame Maker draws a rectangle or circle frame around selected objects. Useful for creating buttons, headers, grid cells, etc.
Frame Maker plugin for Adobe XD
Pattern Maker plugin icon
Pattern Maker creates a seamless tile that can be used both alone and as a Repeat Grid cell.
Pattern Maker plugin for Adobe XD
Change Case plugin icon
Change Case is a command-like plugin for changing text capitalization.
Convert Shape plugin icon
Convert Shape is a command-like plugin that easily converts a shape into another, keeping the original appearance.
Polygons plugin icon
Polygons is a command-like plugin for creating simple polygons without leaving XD.
Selection plugin icon
Selection is a command-like plugin for selecting objects with the same properties.